An experienced and enthusiastic Musician, Alain has done degree in music from Bethel in Stockholm,Sweden. Professionally taught music from a young age as a paino player and at the age of 14 picked up the guitar. He works with his students to ensure that they have a strong foundation of music fundamentals and music theory concepts.


  • More than 20 years of experience in playing and teaching multiple musical instruments. My area of expertise include piano,guitar,flute and drums.
  • Solo piano player at some of the most elite hotels which includes Serena Hotel, Double Tree Hilton Hotel, and Melia ex Kempisky at Zanzibar.
  • Solo singer and guitarist at Movenpick Hotel.
  • Have got the honor to play with one of the biggest Guitarist in Africa, Manuaku and Waku Fely. I have also got a chance to play with Zifa Michael, who is one of the most renowned name in the world of Sweden music.
  • I have been conducting several music workshops at prestigious Sana,Collge of Music at Bagamoyo, Tanzania.

Musical Exposure

He focuses on ways to play creatively. As a songwriter, he teaches his methods of making new music which gives the student a new way of expressing his/herself.He and his students learn songs of their choosing to perfect rhythm as well as many other essential techniques. He also teaches the art of improvisation. Each student is given a personal lesson plan to take home.